Corporate Mission and Philosophy
By the comprehensive appliance of the gabion systems, it is our intension to draw attention to the environmental friendly and philanthropic character of today’s technology.

In the field of design and execution, the high quality and aesthetic standard is provided by our well-qualified professionals.

Our firm belief is that in a number of fields of architecture, the creative relation between stone and metal should deserve a more emphasized role than what it receives today. However, the diverse range of structures does need a top-trained group of professionals – which we do possess - including experts in the field of design, consultancy and also construction.

Our desire is to see, far and away, a great many KOBOX gabions, along with pleased and content customers.
The Technology
Gabion in the 16th century
The ancient Roman architectural invention was reconsidered by Italian engineers in the middle of the 20th century, and was eventually brought to perfection by the German. The word ”gabion” is descended originally from the Italian ”gabbione” meaning ”big cage”. The cylindrical ”cages” filled with sand and soil were first used for military purposes in the 16th century (16th century photo). Later on, by the use of the stone-filling, the gabions were used to protect against erosion.

Interesting: Leonardo da Vinci designed a type of gabion, the so-called Corbeille Leonard (Leonard-basket), which was used as gabion at the construction of the San Marco Castle, in Milan.
Gabion types
Basically, two gabion types can be distinguished: the Double-twisted and the Welded Mesh Gabions. They can be distinguished according to their material, appearance and first of all their place of application.
Aspect Welded Mesh Gabion Double-twisted Mesh Gabion
Carrying capacity At this type, it is not the mesh but the wire, specifically the welded point, which bears the burden. In case of any breaking, all the burden will be taken over to the nearest welded point; this way the entire burden is accumulated to one point. The breaking of one wire leads to a 12% tensile strength reduction. The double-twisted mesh of wires is capable of evenly distributing the burden, and in case of a breaking, the burden will evenly be taken over from the broken wire to all the other wires. Therefore, no breaking will influence the carrying capacity of the adjoining wires. The breaking of one wire leads to a 2% tensile strength reduction.
Flexibility, rigidity The welded mesh constructs a massive, rigid structure. It does not deform, keeps its original shape. The welded, arched elements also possess this characteristic. It adapts well to the different ground conditions and so perfectly reflects the surface curvatures.
Coating Zinc-plated (Zn), according to the DIN-ISO 1461 Standard. Aluminium-zinc-plated (galvanized); under justified conditions, receives PVC(vinyl)-coating.
Construction Extraordinary application realizable, customization is possible according to individual taste and need. Execution in a predetermined way; by using prefabricated, standard sizes.
Appearance Characterized by perfectly flat surfaces, exact fittings and joints; straight lines. Flat facades are, while straight lines are less accomplishable.
Recommended for Places where the appearance with perfect surfaces and fittings, precision and accuracy are the characters that count the most. The perfect choice at places where the good fit with the terrain is inevitable and aesthetics are of less importance, i.e. into waters, wet surroundings.
The main places of use Public places, residential areas, gardens; used as fence, bench, table or space divider Against erosion, as soil bed-coverage.
Retaining wall; waterfront protection
The characteristics of the KOBOX gabion
  • Aesthetics
    The organic material (stone) and the simple shape can have a harmonious fit with all kinds of space and environment, by choosing the proper colours and geometric proportions.
  • Dimensional stability
    Our welded meshes are extremely good at keeping shape; straight lines and perfectly flat surfaces characterize the welded-mesh structures. There are cases where some flexibility of the material (the metal mesh) is desirable; e.g. in waters, in wet surroundings, on highwalls; under such circumstances, our Double-twisted Mesh Gabions are applied.
  • Fast constructability
    The pre-fabricated metal meshes, fixing and binding elements ensure fast execution, the mechanized filling of the stone significantly reduces the already favourable execution period of the gabion.
  • Cost-Efficiency
    The execution is fast, has low labour requirement (e.g. the construction of a brick fence requires three times more labour and time than a gabion-building project). After construction, a well-executed structure does not have any maintenance cost for at least 55 years.
  • Durability
    The stone is everlasting, the metal is persistent and also durable due to the zinc-plating standards; the technology is precise; therefore the KOBOX gabion serves generations of its owners and users without any problem.
  • Environmentally friendly
    The KOBOX applies solely 100% recyclable materials (stone and metal). The natural looking gabion may also be combined with fast-growing climbing plants.
    Due to its permeability, it performs the function of a drainage system. It can be used repeatedly: can be taken apart and then rebuilt; therefore also being suitable for short-time projects. The metal parts and the stone are also mainly reusable.
    The gabion is also applied as noise barrier, due to its excellent noise-absorbing property.